Wednesday, December 17, 2008

confirmations and corrections

The Sensor is not a 10MP as stated on some Canon Websites but a 11.6MP
"It's a 1/2.3-inch type unit with a total photosite count of 11.60 million."
So if you shoot in wide screen you get just 8.3MP.

The viewfinder is bad as I suspected states:
"Unlike the LCD monitor, the EVF has 148,000-dot resolution and looks quite granular. It also has a greenish-blue colour cast. However, if asked to choose between the LCD and EVF for framing shots, you'd definitely choose the former for accuracy and clarity."
Chasseur d'images: "The only serious complaint concerns the poor quality of the viewfinder."

The quality of the swivel screen from my test SX10 was fine with me. Sharp and clear enough to see the details needed for manual focus and bright enough to be good visible when the sun shines direct on the display.

In 2 reviews I read so far that the swivel screen from the SX1 should be bright and crisp

"It's also one of the clearest, brightest monitors we've seen on a compact digicam to date - despite having a resolution of only 230,000 dots."

"But the similar specifications (SX10 vs SX1) and the same resolution, the truth is that the quality displayed by the LCD of the SX1 IS in the preview and review of the images is quite superior."