Thursday, January 8, 2009


So Kodak comes out with the Z980 with 24x zoom and Olympus announces the SP-590UZ with 26X zoom.
The Kodak with a 1280x720 video mode and the Olympus with a 640x480 video mode (are they kidding???).
But they have at least one unique invention, a BEAUTY and a BEAST mode.

Beauty Mode lets you soften shadows and smooth wrinkles or blemishes on your subject’s face – all in the camera and as you capture the image! Additionally, subtle edits can be made post-capture using the Beauty Fix mode. Choose “Clear Skin” to smooth a person’s complexion, “Dramatic Eye” to slightly emphasize the eyes, and “Sparkle Eye” to brighten and enhance the contrast of the iris and pupils. You can also apply all three edits at once. Have fun customizing your brilliant images without a PC and costly image editing software.
With the Beast mode you get crows feet, spotty skin, droopy eyes and can choose between 3 types of warts.

So the new Kodak or Olympus are no match for the SX1.

Now lets see what Sony does to replace the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H50. With just 15x zoom she looks pretty dated by now. Hopefully the drop the flip display and convert to a variangle display.

The next big Photography Show is PMA 2009, March 3rd -5th , 2009