Wednesday, February 4, 2009

is it focused now?

As I mentioned in November already, the viewfinder from the SX1 is crap.

After reading through all reviews from the SX10 and SX1 nearly nobody talked about the way the viewfinder effects the manual focusing. The least professional (sorry guys compared to a real camera review site) reviews from Trusted Reviews mentioned exactly this problem.

"The SX1 also has an electronic viewfinder, but herein lies a small mystery. The official specification of the SX10 states that it has a 235k resolution EVF, but as I mentioned in my review it appears to be very coarse, with the dots plainly visible, and far too low-res for manual focusing. The same is unfortunately true of the viewfinder on the SX1, but the published specification both on Canon’s website and in the camera manual state that the resolution is only 148k dots, which would make more sense, and makes me think that the resolution stated in the SX10’s specification is a misprint."

Well I liked the viewfinder from the SX10 and it is a huge improvement to the viewfinder from the S1 to S5. 
This is not very accurate, but should give you an idea what a double in pixel count does at shooting 10 Mp pictures.