Friday, March 27, 2009

oh crappy day

I just went through the SX1 review from dpreview and with remarks like:

- Image quality, while not terrible is actually slightly worse then the much cheaper SX10 IS, and high ISO noise performance is firmly in compact territory. And for a 600$ camera this is a joke.
- Below the thumb rest is the newly designed muti-controller, with the one major design flaw on the SX1 IS (the scroll wheel). The problem with this new controller is the scroll wheel which is so soft and unresponsive it is almost unusable. I agree 100%
- Viewfinder's not as nice as the 0.44 inch, 235,000 pixel, 4:3 one from the SX10 IS (which is cheaper). The EVF in the SX1 IS is certainly usable, but the one in the SX10 IS is noticeably better. And the SX10 viewfinder would work so much better with the SX1 too. It is just plain stupid to make both dispalys 16:9 and the sensor 3:4. A nicer 3:4 viewinder for fotos and a nice 16:9 display for video would be the perfect solution.
- As it stands the SX1 - whilst interesting - offers too little to justify its high price. The first review where I could read it so plain.

And in the forum I found the question
What I could not understand is:
" What it comes down to is that the price difference between the SX1 IS and SX10 IS could buy you a nice HD video camera that would give you as good - if not better - video quality."

So, there is a full HD camera out with a 20x zoom an image stabilisation for 200$ and no one told me about that? I buy in an instant when somebody can tell me where.

So I will sit this round out and will see what panasonic does with the replacement of the fz28, but to be honest, I don´t have high hopes.