Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Canon PowerShot SX20 IS

Now 2 Mega Pixel more, RAW  and finally a 720p HD video mode.

So I guess there will be no SX2 then?

For all of you who think 2 more megapixel might not be a good idea with a 20x lens and a tiny sensor, here a lossless crop from a original foto of the Canon SX20 which I downloaded from the Canon Japan website. 
After seeing that, I am quite happy for my decision to move to the SONY HX1.

For more info and a brochure, go to Canon England


MasterG said...

Canon SX20 is super zoom and eye-popping resolution and advanced picture-improving technology digital camera. 12.1 megapixel and 2.5 inch lcd screen.

Nobody Knows Foundation (Brittany Kwasnik) said...

I have 2 ultrazooms. The Canoon SX20is and the Panasonic FZ35. I love the Canon because of its hotshoe and ease of operation. I love the results it gives. I am selling the Panasonic. BTW - I also own an Olympus DSLR that I treasure, but I find myself relyimng on my SX-20 more and more lately.

Anonymous said...

Canon SX20 has been launched already but unfortunately no RAW format.Still its a great camera and you can use RAW format using CHDK.

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