Friday, July 31, 2009

hasta la vista - baby

on Tuesday, March 3, 2009 I posted

Is the Sony HX1 really the SX1 Killer?

Yesterday I found this info: 
Kleiner Vergleich: Nikon D60 * Panasonic LX3 * Sony DSC-HX1 
and that took care of the "the HX1 fotos are not so good" 
I read a lot about the video and multishot modes from people who did some experimenting with it, something no review is able to tell you.

I think I can sum up my decision to get me a Sony HX1 and to test her out in one sentence.
This might be the most advanced, most easy to use and most fun camera from all the superzooms in 2009.
This blog has come to an end for now, you can find me exploring the SONY HX1 if she can live up to my expectations. 

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