Friday, November 21, 2008

bye bye

So after 6 days of testing I returned the SX10 to the store today for a full refund.
I will wait for the SX1 to come out and will verify if I am right about the viewfinder what will have less than half or the SX10 resolution when shooting 10mp. If this is the case the SX1 will be a big no no for me.
I am not sure if 320 Euros for just the slow 20x lens, the double size in megapixel and the DIGIC4 processor without any improvement in the video section is the smart thing to spend to replace my S2IS.Canon uses the same VGA video size they had on the S1IS in 2004 with the DIGIC 1 processor and just added stereo with the S2IS. Now they changed to H264 in a MOV format wrapper with a halfassed compression what safes just 25 to 30 % of the filesize from the AVI the S2IS had.

Compare the size of the frame from the display with the thick frames from the Canon S and SX series. If Canon would make the frame this slim they could easily fit a 3" on both SX models. 
Maybe Panasonic brings the FZ38 with an articulated screen like the TZ5 (resolution and size) similar the one they have on the Lumix G1 that combined with the right viewfinder and I would get that one in an instant.