Wednesday, November 19, 2008

some troubleing thoughts about the SX1

I need to pick your brain about something I just stubled over

Normal resolution with the SX1 or SX10 3.648 x 2.736 = 10mp.Wide resolution with the SX1 3.640 x 2.160 = 7.86mp so just a crop of the 10mp

Now if you shoot normal 10mp with the SX1 widescreen, the picture will be resized for the screen and you have a black bar on either side that leaves 110k pixel for the viewfinder and 172k pixel for the display if I did my calculation right.

SX10 screen 2.5" 230k ca 552x416 - 4:3 10mp
viewfinder 0.44" 235k ca. ca. 560x420 - 4:3 10mp

SX1 screen 2.8" 230k ca. 639x360 - 16:9 7.8mp 
(172k ca. 478x360 in 4x3 10mp)
viewfinder 0.40" 148k ca. 513x289 -16:9 7.8mp
(110k ca. 383x289 in 4x3 10mp)
So manual focus will be almost impossible with the viewfinder and not so good with the display.
If this is right then the viewfinder from the SX1 in 10mp is even worse than the one in the Canon S2 (115k) and will be a deal breaker for me.

Should not a wide screen camera whith wide screen displays also have a wide screen sensor???

Somebody please proof me wrong

I just did some calculation and if I am not wrong, the visible screen is 2.17" if you shoot 10mp with the SX1.
Since on some Canon websites around the world the SX1 data vanished or did not even appeared (out side the USA) maybe somebody pointed that out to Canon.
If they are clever the only solution I see is an option to use the screen full size and crop the top and bottom of the image. Maybe a fast switch via the shortcut button between full image at 2.17" or full screen cropped top and bottom. I think I could live with that kind of solution for the swivel screen but this leaves the 110k viewfinder at 10mp so they need to up that resolution higher than the SX10 or they become the laughingstock of the foto comunity for biggest blunder in 2008 in the category screen.
Somebody should give out an award for that like the broken lens award...

Just noticed the difference between Canon Japan and Canon Germany

The SX1 in Japan has a 200 pixel higher horizontal resolution. Do these people actualy know what they sell?

Another thing about the 4 fps against the 1.4 fps
If you use the autofocus it drops to 1.1 fps against 0.7 fps 


Anonymous said...

The SX1 has a 11,6 MP CMOS Sensor. ( SX10 10,3 CCD Sensor)
Max. resolution SX1 :
3648 x 2736 ( 4/3 ) also SX10
3840 * 2160 ( 16/9 ) ( SX10 : 3648*2048 )
You can use the ' Aspect Ratio Schwitching Button ' to use the hole SX1 screen for a 4/3 picture)
See also :
or the SX1 Manual

Joe said...

Canon Germany as Canon Europe states something different:
They state: aproximately 10mp
and Viewfinder EVF (0.40" type), aspect ratio 16:9, approx. 148,000 dots

Stineru said...

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